Monday, September 8, 2014

Kidz Night Kickoff!!

Every Sunday evening our church has Kidz night while the adults are in our small groups and this past Sunday was our kick off party. This was a fun night to start the new year off now that the kids are all back in school!

It was quite the party and even had huge inflatables and an ice cream truck!! The kiddos were pretty thrilled!!

Ella Grace even got to pick out her very own ice cream and enjoyed every minute of it!!

Grayson was pretty proud of the "rocket ship" he picked out too and enjoyed every last bite!

He also really enjoyed the fun inflatables!!!

So thankful for our church family and these fun events we enjoy together!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to School!!

This morning was Grayson's first day back to school!! 

This year he is in the 3 year old class at Allison Creek Preschool and goes to school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30-12:30 and gets to eat lunch there! Because of his birthday he'll always be one of the oldest in his class, but we see that as a little advantage!

We got our teacher's gifts together and were off!

We arrived at school and he pretty much walked into his classroom and never looked back!!! What a difference from his first day of school two years ago!! This Mommy was holding back tears!

I did manage to snap a quick picture with his teacher, Ms. Natalie!! I must say we are thrilled to have Ms. Natalie again. She is a dear friend and was Grayson's first ever teacher when he was in the toddler class two years ago!! Such a blessing that she will be with our little guy each day at school!

And thankful she texts me pictures during the day!! 
Even if this is the best smile she could get out of him!!

Thankful this sweet boy had a wonderful first day back and looking forward to a wonderful year!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day!!

Labor Day was low key this year and wonderful! We were supposed to visit friends in Charleston for the weekend, but decided to save some money and have a staycation at home instead!!

We actually got a lot of projects accomplished around the house, which was nice!!

However, we did take a break on Labor Day and went to my parents house for a cookout and fun on the lake!

Pop Pop took Grayson kayaking for the first time and he loved it!!! He was all set with his big hat, life jacket and whistle!!

And they're off!!!

After about 45 minutes and several times around the cove they were back on dry land. Grayson had a ball and is already asking when he can go again!!

And this sweet girl was busy loving on Nana while the boys were on the lake.

Such a fun time and happy memories!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Grayson Chit Chat!!

Our little guy is quite the talker these days and the things that he says just amaze me!!! So much that I had to jot some of them down to remember...

-While I was putting clothes away in the kids' rooms, Grayson says "While you were in there Ella Grace and I were playing games and had so much fun. Mommy, I like her! Let's keep her!!"

-I stubbed my toe and Grayson said "Awwww, sweetie!"

-I asked him what he wanted for lunch and he said "I want to eat a cow!"

-"When I grow up and get married, I'm going to marry Ella Grace." (I'm sure he'll kill me for this one in the future)

-To Daddy: "When you get old and I'm an adult, I'm gonna take care of you and keep you warm!"

-"When I grow up I'm gonna be a car washer, a car fixer and a fire fighter! All three of those!"

-Speaking to Ella Grace after she hurt her toe: "Jesus is way up in the ceiling so just pray to Jesus. He makes everything better!"

-When Uncle Dustin was visiting: "Daddy, you and Uncle Dustin look both wear belts!"

-We were discussing how at night the moon comes up and the sun goes down and in the morning the sun comes up and the moon goes down and he said, "Wow, that's a magic trick!"

-We were talking about heaven and how it's higher than the clouds and he said, "I'm going to get a huge ladder to climb all the way up to heaven to see Jesus!"
Then the next night he said "I have wings and I can fly up to heaven and one has a red button and if I push it a parachute comes out and the other has a green button and if I push it, it makes a real life airplane and it can fly us up to heaven to see Jesus!"

-I found a necklace that I made him for VBS and he said, "Oh man, I've been looking for this for ages!"

-I pinched my arm and Grayson said, "Pray to Jesus Mommy and he'll make it stop hurting!" and then later I said, Ouch, that really hurt and he said, "God will heal it!"

I just love this sweet boy and his sweet, funny, imaginative little mind!!!

First Camp Out!!!

Grayson got a special treat this past Saturday when Daddy surprised him with a new tent and sleeping bag and told him they were going to camp out for the night! He has been talking about going camping for months, so to say he was so excited is an understatement.

The boys set the tent up early in the day and he pretty much played in it all day long!!

Once it started to get dark they packed up all their "supplies" (aka: books, snacks and stuffed animals) and got cozy in the tent!

And they even built a camp fire and roasted marshmallows!!

By this time it was way past this little guys bed time and it was so hot and humid outside that they only made it in the tent a very short while (9:30pm to be exact!), before they were inside and comfy, cozy in their beds enjoying the air conditioner!!!

Still a fun time for these two and a special time that I know Grayson will remember!