Tuesday, April 14, 2015



Monday, April 13, 2015

Life is Fine...Fine as Wine!!!

 Lucas and I just returned from a glorious mountain getaway!! We were gone Thursday-Sunday and had a wonderful time relaxing and recharging together!!

Our home away from home!! Lucas found this place that was kind of in the boonies. It was around 30 miles from Blowing Rock and just perfect!!!

The view from the bedroom!

The master bathroom was to die for!!!

We were also quite impressed with the toilet, which included a heated seat among many other features!!

This mountain home also came with a personal chef!! Not having to cook all weekend was vacation enough for this mama!!

Some other favorites were the chimette outside as well as the hot tub along the creek!

After two days not leaving the house, we decided to venture out on Saturday and visit some local vineyards!!

We visited two vineyards, but Raffaldini was by far our favorite!! We are already trying to plan a return visit!!

The weather was gorgeous and couldn't have been better!!

 The rest of our time was spent playing in the creek and enjoying the hot tub!!!