Thursday, November 20, 2014

Holiday Preview at the Gardens!!

Tonight was the members only Holiday preview night at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens and I'm so glad we decided to go!! It definitely got us all into the holiday spirit!!!

Grayson and Ella Grace wore their Christmas pajamas that I'm in love with!!!

We were second in line to see Santa and both kids were so excited when he first came in the room!! Ella Grace started clapping and Grayson was grinning from ear to ear!!

Grayson hopped right up on to St. Nick's lap...

But Ella Grace freaked out when she realized she had to sit on his lap!!!
I guess she only likes Santa from afar!!!
These pictures are priceless!!

After we saved sister from her breakdown, Grayson got some one on one time with the big guy and told him just what he wanted for Christmas!! 
He requested some "engine turtles" (translation: Ninja Turtles).

After visiting with Santa we walked around the gardens and enjoyed the lights and fun things they had going on including live music and crafts!! Nana helped Grayson make a bird feeder for the wildlife tree!

Although little girl didn't enjoy her visit with Santa, she sure did enjoy the candy cane he gave her!!

After walking around outside for a while we came inside the atrium to enjoy the piano music and the kiddos took over the "stage" and danced their little hearts out!!

Nana tried to get a picture with Ella Grace but she was wild and running around having so much fun!!

We did manage to get a quick family shot thank goodness!!!

Such a fun night!! Can't wait for the holidays!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Donuts with Dad!!

One of the best days of Grayson's school year is when Daddy gets to come in for Donuts with Dad and it was today!!!

Although you can't tell from this picture, Grayson was thrilled! 

Two of his favorite things...Daddy and Donuts!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Grove Park Vacation!!

Lucas and I just returned from a wonderful 2 night mini vacation to one of our favorite places ever, 
The Grove Park Inn!! It was relaxing, rejuvenating and glorious!!

One of our favorite things to do is watch the sunset on their terrace with a glass of wine and it was perfect!!

After the wonderful sunset we got dressed up for a nice dinner at their Sunset Terrace restaurant!

We got lucky because they just put up all of their Christmas trees that day!!!

The next day we spent ALL DAY LONG at their world renowned spa and it was wonderful!!! I took two naps (unheard of!) and got an awesome massage!! The rest of the time was spent in their amazing hot tubs!!

It was a short visit, but a great one!!! 

Although we wished we could have stayed longer, we were ready to get home to our babies!!
And we couldn't thank my parents enough for watching them for us while we were away!!!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014!!!


Tonight we went trick or treating with some sweet friends!! We don't get any trick or treaters where we live so we decided to go to their neighborhood instead and we are so glad we did! 
We all had a ball!!!

Our little bumble bee and bee keeper!!

I was Queen bee!!

Our little bee family (although Daddy doesn't care to dress up)!

Busy bee!!!

Ella Grace was so proud of her first piece of candy!!

She certainly got the hang of the whole trick or treating thing quickly and had no problem walking up to the door all by herself and holding out her bag for candy!!!

And Grayson seemed to always be one of the first at the door! :)

Ella Grace and I with my best friend, Kristy!

Such a great Halloween with friends!!!