Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day!!!

Today we had a snow day!! School was canceled and Daddy was able to work from home! We didn't get the 8-10 inches they were predicting, but we did wake up to a couple inches of snow and Grayson was thrilled! He was in our room bright and early asking if he could go outside and play in it!!!!

Little girl was up a little later and we all bundled up and headed outside!!

Grayson and Daddy built an awesome snowman!!!

While Ella Grace and I watched!!

Such a great day together!!!

Big School Girl!!

This week Ella Grace has gone to school with Grayson and I on Monday and Wednesday!! Unfortunately, my Mom hasn't been feeling well this week and hasn't been able to watch her for me.  I'm so thankful that I have a position at the preschool where I can bring Ella Grace if need be!! My parents leave for Israel next week too, so Ella Grace will be coming with us to school again and this was a great time for her to get acquainted. 

I'm pretty sure she loved it!! Of course each time I left her in the morning she got upset, but quickly stopped crying and did great the rest of the day! I'm also thankful that she had two very sweet teachers to watch over her, Ms. Vivian and Ms. Michelle!!

This morning she was so ready to go!! She wore her book bag around the house for quite a while before it was time to leave and I just thought it was so cute!!!

We have enrolled our sweet girl for next year, so come September she'll be an official preschooler!!!
(cue tears here!!)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Our First Snow!!

Yesterday we had our first snow this winter!! We've had ice one other time, but we are never sure how much or if we will even get snow each winter where we live, so we take full advantage of it when we do!! Because it was such a light dusting, school was still on, so after dropping brother off at preschool, Ella Grace and I went outside to have fun!!

This was really her first time as a "big girl" to enjoy the snow, but she lasted a total of about 5 minutes and was ready to go in. I'm pretty sure it took longer than that to get her all bundled up! Ha!!

Brother's sweet teacher sent me a couple pictures of him and his class! They went outside for a couple minutes to enjoy the snow as well!!!

We're supposed to get a lot more snow tomorrow, so fingers crossed!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ella Grace Visits the ER!!

Our poor baby had a horrible accident yesterday! Her and brother were coming down the stairs and somehow she got a hold of a pen that brother had found in our office drawer. She must have slipped down the last stair or two and fell with the pen in her hand and jabbed herself in the eye.

As soon as I heard her fall I ran to her and noticed it was very bad. Her eye immediately turned black and blue, started bleeding and swelled up like crazy!! I freaked out of course and had both kids in the car within probably two minutes!!

Thankfully Daddy was almost home from work and met us along the way!!! After seeing her injury at the ER, they got us right in and immediately took a look at her. Another blessing was that I knew one of the nurses working the ER, Leona, and thank God for her! She took such good care of us and rushed everything along!!

I must also say that big brother did great through all of this!! He kept telling Ella Grace that she looked beautiful in her pretty dress (aka: hospital gown)!! Such a sweet brother!!

Our sweet baby girl was all smiles after the initial shock of it all and was even happier to see Pop Pop and Nana arrive!!!

Thank the Lord the pen didn't puncture her eye ball and only her bottom eye lid. They said she will not have any permanent damage and we are all so thankful!! Jesus definitely had his angels watching our sweet girl!!!

It's already starting to look so much better!! The pictures below are from today!!

Our sweet girl is happy as can be and we are so grateful!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Big 4-0!!

My brother, Eric, turned 40 today!! He and his girlfriend, Katie, came over for dinner tonight and we had a great time!! Ella Grace is usually shy about sitting with other people when Mommy and Daddy are around, but she must have known it was Uncle Eric's birthday because she sat in his lap pretty much the entire time!!

It was such a cute photo op, so of course I had to get some pictures and I'm so glad I did!!

Happy Birthday Uncle Eric! We love you!!!