Monday, September 29, 2014

A Peak Into Our Life Lately...

Grayson's had lots of birthday parties for friends lately and he's had a ball! He especially loved the party for his friend at Mary Frances at the Crooked Creek Farm. He loved playing in the creek with his buddies!!

This sweet girl has been waking up super early occasionally due to some molars coming in and sometimes passes out on the couch while playing! We thought this was too cute not to capture in a photo!

Daddy and Ella Grace matched at church last Sunday and I thought they were adorable!!

Grayson made a new friend outside!!

He even made an obstacle course for him!

These kiddos love sitting at their table together for meals! Seriously stop growing up you two!!!

We made a trip to the new Gander Mountain store together one Saturday and this sweet girl had to give the geese kisses!!

One of Ella Grace's favorite things to do is stick her head over the vent when the air is on and she thinks it's so funny!!

And last, but not least, Lucas and I enjoyed a fun date night Saturday! 
Thanks to Aunt Amanda for watching the kiddos for us!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Art with Friends!

Saturday night my friend Courtney invited me to a fun girls night called "Art with Friends" which was a benefit for the Junior Welfare League of Rock Hill and we had such a great time!! 

After a full day of events (1 baby shower and 3 birthday parties), this Momma was in desperate need of a girls night out and I was thrilled to hang out with my sweet friend!! 

The fact that we could drink wine and paint was pretty exciting too!!

My masterpiece! 
And in case you can't tell, those are supposed to be dandelions :)!!

The entire group of ladies!! I was the only one there with an actual camera! 
Who would've thought?! :)

 And my dear friend, Courtney, who invited me!!

It was such a fun night and I'm definitely looking forward to more fun times with this girl in the near future!!

Friday, September 19, 2014


Ahoy Matey!!

Today was Pirate day at Krispy Kreme doughnuts. If you came dressed like a pirate you got a dozen doughnuts for free!! Of course we couldn't pass this up!

Let me just say that this is the cutest little pirate I have ever seen!!

Nana came along with us and we had a ball!!!

Our pirate "loot"!! 

Grayson got to pick out a special pirate doughnut which made his day!

Ella Grace loved her doughnut as well!!!

Sweet girl also loved the balloon!!

And because who seriously needs 4 dozen doughnuts??!! 
So, we decided to deliver some to the Clover Police Department and Grayson loved it!! 
(He was hoping that we could deliver them to the Fire Department as well, but unfortunately there wasn't anyone there at the time!)

Such a fun day and we're already looking forward to dressing up again next year!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

15 Months!!

Our sweet, spunky girl is 15 months old!!! 

Here's what you've been up to this month...

-You weigh 21 lbs, 13 oz.
-You are 29.75 inches tall.
-You are still wearing size 12-18 month clothes and size 4 shoe.
-You wear size 4 diaper.
-You now have 7 teeth. One of your top molars just popped through.
-You are learning your body parts so well and know your hair, head, eyes, ears, tongue, teeth, mouth, nose, toes, feet, fingers and hands.
-You are walking like crazy now and just trying to keep up with your big brother. You are getting very fast!
-You love to dance to music and your favorite "dance move" is to walk around in circles. You also love to dance with one hand up in the air!
-You love to climb and explore these days!! You are all over the place!
-You LOVE to be outside and it makes you so happy to walk all around our yard, play on the playset and in the sand box.
-You are pretty much down to one nap a day and the transition hasn't been too easy. You typically wake up around 7am or so each morning, but the past week while you were cutting your molar you were waking up between 4:45am-5:30am so you've been one tired little girl!!
-You still have a bed time of 7-7:30pm.
-You are mostly drinking out of a sippy cup all day, but do still have a bottle before nap and before bed at night.
-You love shoes and love to wear them. You also love to carry our shoes to us whenever you see them!
-You love little girl toys and adore playing with your baby dolls. You do still love your brother's toys as well though!!
-You love to sleep with all your stuffed animals in your crib and snuggle with them throughout the night.
-You are still a Momma's girl and get so upset when I leave. You love to be held by me too!
-You do well in nursery at church and just started going to nursery at Mommy's gym too, but you always cry really bad as soon as I drop you off. They always tell me you stop the moment I leave and I'm hoping it gets better soon!!
-You are such a silly girl and love to make people laugh!
-You have the cutest little smile and scrunch up your nose when you smile, just like Mommy used to do when I was your age!
-We love you so much Ella Grace and are so thankful for you!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Kidz Night Kickoff!!

Every Sunday evening our church has Kidz night while the adults are in our small groups and this past Sunday was our kick off party. This was a fun night to start the new year off now that the kids are all back in school!

It was quite the party and even had huge inflatables and an ice cream truck!! The kiddos were pretty thrilled!!

Ella Grace even got to pick out her very own ice cream and enjoyed every minute of it!!

Grayson was pretty proud of the "rocket ship" he picked out too and enjoyed every last bite!

He also really enjoyed the fun inflatables!!!

So thankful for our church family and these fun events we enjoy together!!