Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Date with Mommy!!!

Today was a special day!!! Grayson and I got to spend the day together, just the two of us!!!

Our first stop of the day was the dentist for his 6 month check up. Maybe not the most fun place, but he did great!!! No cavities thank goodness!!

Our next stop was at Harris Teeter so Mommy could pick up something, so this guy got to ride the big green dinosaur!!

Then, we hit up Chick Fil A for some lunch and play time!!! I must say that I am one lucky girl to have such a handsome little date!!

And our last stop of the morning and definitely the most favorite of the day was our local fire department!!

If you know Grayson, then you know he is OBSESSED with anything fireman and firetruck!! Lucky for us a friend from church is a local volunteer fireman so Daddy and I arranged a special private tour for him and his buddy Owen!! Grayson had no clue until we pulled into the fire department! 

Boy was he excited!!! Best surprise ever!!!!

After a visit back home for a quick nap and to check on Ella Grace and Nana we were off again. 
We ended the day with Grayson's soccer practice!!

Such a great day with my favorite little boy!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!

He is Risen indeed!!!

What a special Easter this was!!! A wonderful day spent with family and one that we will cherish always!

The day started with a delivery from the Easter Bunny!!

The kiddos were pretty excited to say the least!

After some time playing with their new goodies we were off to church, dressed in our Easter attire!!

Our sweet girl celebrating her first Easter!!

Our little family! My three greatest blessings!

Nana and Pop Pop arrived right after church and two little ones I know were thrilled to see them!!

And of course they brought a ton of goodies for the kids!!

Grayson was especially fond of his new Mickey Mouse fireman set. He was in heaven!!

 Then, it was time for our annual Easter egg hunt!!! It was Grayson's turn first and Nana and Pop Pop hid them well, but our little guy found every one of them!

 Then it was the big kids' turn and let's just say that after an hour of searching, there are still approximately 3 eggs still "hidden" in our yard and one may or may not contain a $5 bill!! This is a tradition that my brother, Lucas and I look forward to every year. And every year my Dad likes to make it even more difficult! :) 
But hey, it is money in those eggs so he likes to make us work hard for it!!

After our hunt, Aunt Amanda and Uncle Dave arrived with even more presents for the kids!! 
This may be Grayson's favorite day ever!!

After playing some more we were ready for our Easter dinner!

And this girl sure did enjoy her first ever Easter supper!!

So thankful for our family and this wonderful day!!! 

But, especially thankful for our Lord who paid the ultimate sacrifice.
He sent His son to die, so we shall live and live abundantly!

"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16